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    We understand that life happens . . . but GREATER is He that is in us! Feel free to leave your prayer requests below and let us connect our faith with yours for God's very best in your life. Have a praise report? Share the good news we want to rejoice with you! Wondering about God? Start here and then find a good church to plug into.

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    posted by: on 3/12/2020

    prayer that i get a good job with benefits that i can keep for a long time. Pray that i can lose weight and exercise and be healthy.
    I will pray  
    posted by: on 3/4/2020

    I got blessed with a brand new truck. Thank God the word is working!!
    I will pray  
    posted by: on 3/4/2020

    My husband passed away. Please pray for our family!
    I will pray  
    Perfect Health and Finances
    posted by: on 11/24/2019

    Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez's hearing,vision,excellent health,memory and finances. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her. Lorraine is also in debt which, please Pray GOD Blesses her financially so she is never in debt and Pray everything she owns repairs itself (house,car,appliances, ext.) and last 100 times longer than their supposed to so she won't have to replace or repair anything she owns for a long time.
    I will pray  
    Marriage Restoration
    posted by: on 10/30/2019

    Please Pray for my husband Preston, that he would turn back to God. The God would transform his heart sot hat he would be the Man of God that our family needs. That all communication between him and the other woman would be severed in Jesus' name and that the soul tie would be broken. That God would restore, renew and heal our marriage. That he would fall back in love with me again and be truthful and honest.
    I will pray  
    posted by: on 10/9/2019

    For God to give me fous, balance, discipline and a new career in this new life since my husband left me for someone else. I need to be able to support myself and I need GOd's grace to heal and to have "no contact' with him at all cost. God bless. I need discipline for weight loss and stop drinking diet coke.
    I will pray 2 people are praying.
    posted by: on 10/2/2019

    please pray to Father God to help me impress VIP on the meetings 12-14 of October instead of disappointing them
    I will pray  
    prayer request
    posted by: on 9/28/2019

    Prayer request : please keep my family members because my father was passed away, besides, please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
    I will pray  
    posted by: on 9/10/2019

    Please again pray for Jay and Lima that God will greatly and continuously help them and all their many family members in these areas: Spiritually, relationships, health, protection, time management, marriage, helpers of many kinds to come and help them, and these areas too, mentally, emotionally, in employment and provisions, calling from God, and for peace and God to open doors that would normally be kept shut. Please additionally also especially pray that God will quickly, permanently and miraculously deliver their descendants from all drugs, alcohol, reckless sexual behavior, hypoglycemia, anxiety, driving intoxicated, dangerous lifestyles and from selling themselves short in relationships with people who are unfaithful to them. Please also pray God will help them to pray and really come to know Jesus and to live out HIS best plans for them? They need God to intervene, will you please pray for these things? Last here, please pray also for me and Belo and kids that God will help, build and protect out issues related to marriage, provisions, wisdom, rest and peace, to keep praying together and reading the Bible and other books together, health and that longstanding difficulties will be resolved in our lives with the right people helping us and no more wrong people to enter our lives who could hurt us. Pray God will bless USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas and the world with saving and revival inducing Spiritual encounters with Jesus. Thank yoU
    I will pray  
    posted by: on 8/30/2019

    for Ashley house too sell urgent cash buyer i need out from under house.for my wife Stacey strongholds broken lying lust alcohol nicotine restoration for marriage for Kathleen favor on car and insurance.
    I will pray 5 people are praying.
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    We serve a loving God! A God who "can do anything, you know--far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us." - Ephesians 3:20 (The Message Bible)