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Prayer for my daughers
posted by: on 11/23/2012

I know God is able but I was taught by my praying parents to call on the elders if I needed help. I am pleading for the righteous to pray for my daughters, Dana and Racheal. They need prays for their family.
I will pray 30 people are praying.
miss Marie
posted by: on 11/7/2012

8th of November 2012. prayer request May the grace and peace of the Lord God almighty rest upon you, I am writing to beg you to pray for a christian swedish girl named (or called) Marie. Please pray that God (in and through Jesus Christ) should intervene in miss Maries life as it is right now, kindly pray that the Lord God almighty will protect and preserve Marie in Jesus Christ, and that the Lord our God will bless miss Marie and lead her every day. There are some selfwilled christians who are praying against miss Marie and who want Marie to do what they like, please pray that the almighty God of Heaven should deliver and protect miss Marie from thrie prayers; Thank you and may God bless you.
I will pray 35 people are praying.
Daughter wants to go back to school
posted by: on 11/2/2012

Please pray for my daughter. She wants to go back to school and will need God's wisdom and the finances to accomplish her goals.Thank youy for serving God and loving people so much.
I will pray 43 people are praying.
Help Prayer
posted by: on 9/21/2012

I have stuff I just found out that is happening with my kids.. I just need back up prayer please!
I will pray 35 people are praying.
Wisdom for Executives
posted by: on 7/25/2012

My company has been blessed this year. Our sales are on pace to exceed forecasts. The abundance of opportunities however has exposed some shortcomings in other areas that may hinder us from meeting our deadlines. I am asking that God will lead and guide our executive team and give them wisdom and creative solutions to overcome these potential setbacks and allow us to fully realize these opportunities. I also pray that in our rush to meet deadlines that we would continue to put out the quality products we are known for in the industry and avoid the temptation of taking shortcuts to meet demand. I also pray that God will continue to bless our company with continued and increased repeat and new business in Jesus name.
I will pray 37 people are praying.
Prayer for Dad
posted by: on 7/25/2012

My father called and informed me that he had some shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and pain in the chest today. Doctor believes the extreme heat may be the root cause. They are keeping him overnight for observation. All seems well, but I would appreciate prayer for him.
I will pray 37 people are praying.
posted by: on 7/25/2012

My brother in law is on house arrest. Please pray that God will touch his heart. Peace!
I will pray 33 people are praying.
posted by: on 6/18/2012

My bro is a man of god I feel he is dating the wrong women. I feel she is change him.Please let him see his why.Sometimes is not wrong.
I will pray 44 people are praying.
posted by: on 6/13/2012

I lost my Job monday August 22,2011 for not have enough air in my lungh to pass a breathize.Now on Thursday June 21 2012.I go before System Board of adjustment. To make everything roght. I know with god by my side. Wrong with bw made right. I took my hand off the wheel and he is driveing. So on thursday June 21 2012 at 8: send you pray my way. Because the devil can take his hand off me. GOD is going to make thing right.
I will pray 38 people are praying.
Pray for
posted by: on 5/16/2012

Chris Norris and his family who reside in Washington State
I will pray 47 people are praying.
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