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posted by: on 6/13/2012

I lost my Job monday August 22,2011 for not have enough air in my lungh to pass a breathize.Now on Thursday June 21 2012.I go before System Board of adjustment. To make everything roght. I know with god by my side. Wrong with bw made right. I took my hand off the wheel and he is driveing. So on thursday June 21 2012 at 8: send you pray my way. Because the devil can take his hand off me. GOD is going to make thing right.
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Pray for
posted by: on 5/16/2012

Chris Norris and his family who reside in Washington State
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posted by: on 4/25/2012

I a believing for a job change. pray for wisdom
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New to Tulsa; but not to God.
posted by: on 4/16/2012

I am Tasha. I relocated to Tulsa from St. Louis three weeks ago. My daughter is a law student at TU. I moved here to help cut her expenses as she gets through school and begin anew as a mother of two grown daughters. My daughter is in the throws of finals so I am looking for adequate housing for us that will occasionally accommodate my other daughter when she is home on breaks from school. Our other immediate need is a reliable car. In St. Louis there was no need to have a car because of car sharing programs and amazing public transportation. Here in Tulsa we need a good car. I am also looking for a job. I have a formal education but I would like to make a career change here in Tulsa. We know that God has not forgotten about the promises He made. I know that He perfects that which concerns me. I know that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. At this time in my faith walk I need believers to uphold me as I walk in unfamiliar territory. I know God can provide all these material things for which I ask but I want the wisdom and strength in Jesus Christ to come with these things. Or else to me they are just things. I believe that with every promotion God grows our faith so that we can use that growth to aid the body of Christ. I am sorry this request seems to be all over the place. But thank you for reading and praying.
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prayer Request
posted by: on 3/28/2012

Open Doors to minister at churches, kids camps, healing/miracle type services. I was laid off from my church December 23rd and feel I'm to travel and minister to kids, family and adult services. I need devine appointments and connections. Thank You Richard from Cary NC
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prayer for my Brother
posted by: on 3/28/2012

please pray that my brother will surrender to the Lord and that he will be delivered from alcohol and cigarettes. Healing for his Life!
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Work release
posted by: on 3/28/2012

Please for me tonite at prayer service. I need to go back to work, Dr's appt. on Tues. and need a good report. Without any restrictions, and no pain in body. My livelyhood depends on it
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posted by: on 3/28/2012

Please pray for my sister, she and her husband have been separated for years.
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My Brother Sammie
posted by: on 3/20/2012

Please pray for Sammy he has a custody issue going on for 5 years.
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posted by: on 3/15/2012

Pray for me to be a better christian to be the man God called me to be and to have the strength and focus to be ready
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