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guidance & strenth
posted by: on 2/29/2012

Be my captain & guide me.And give me the strenth to encluded my father everyday,in some-way in my life.
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posted by: on 2/22/2012

Please pray for my Dad, he's getting sick from the Chemo treatment. God Bless
I will pray 44 people are praying.
Prayer request
posted by: on 2/10/2012

Please pray for my mother, she had a growth removed from her breast and we're believing the doctor got all the cancer.
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Prayer Request
posted by: on 2/10/2012

Please pray for our family. My Mother and older sister passed away last week. Thank you.
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My sons
posted by: on 1/14/2012

We have recently moved here from out of state. My sons are having a hard time coping here. My youngest son has stated about committing suicide. I had to pick him up from school and take him for a psych eval. My ssons grew up in church and I just need prayers for us while we try to get back on track and find a church home.
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Debt Free
posted by: on 12/20/2011

I am believing God to be Debt Free. We are almost at our goal, but thought we'd ask for agreement. We want to be able to give more into His kingdom. Thank you!!
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posted by: on 12/14/2011

I had three hill to pass. I pass two. I need I one more hill to pass. To get my job back and I now the lord will make.Please pray with to get over that last hill.
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posted by: on 12/1/2011

I was fired becauseI Can't blow enough air into the breathize tub. Which is a achol test. I had been having problem with my throat. I had to go to a DUI class. Now to go back to work I have to blow into this tube and can't . I when to class/councleI pray that they let me take a special test. This a swap on my tounge. Pray that they make away.
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Protecting my job and financial blessing and for the Lord to bless me with a Christian husband
posted by: on 11/12/2011

I am asking for prayer for my job that I have been on for over 29 years. I am also asking for a financial blessing to be able to pay off all of my debt and my bank account will never be negative again as well as I never be without a job. I am asking for miracle money. I am asking for healing in my left foot and leg. I am for deliverance from obesity and high blood pressure. I am lonely and I am asking the Lord bless with a Christian husband that has a good job a kind heart, one women man, a provider for his family, a protector, a man that does not put his woman down but support her as well as provides for her. I am asking for peace on my job. I am asking for acceptance and deliverance from rejection. I am for prayer for my children and grandchildren. I am in bankruptcy but I am asking for the finances to pay it off. I am aksing for the Lord to bless me to complete my doctorate degree as well as my children to complete their college degree. I am asking that the Lord increase me and my children. I am asking for a fiancial blessing for my mother and healing for my step father and my great grand mother .
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Need Laborers
posted by: on 10/26/2011

My brother Tim (he goes by Martin his middle name) lives in Colorado. A friend of his committed suicide and he sent me a text saying that he does NOT believe in God. We had a conversation back and forth and told me he does not believe that crap. His words. Well I know differently. I want prayer that laborers will constantly come across his path and that he will come into the full knowledge of the Lord! I know He will work on his heart because I have seen my other siblings turn their hearts to God. And HE will DO IT AGAIN!!!!!! Thanks for the agreement!
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