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posted by: on 12/6/2016

I am asking that you keep my family in prayer. We've been going through financial struggles for the last year. I don't understand what we're doing wrong. We tithe, we pray, my husband works hard at every job he's assigned to, but still we find ourselves unemployed, struggling, taking ten steps forward and ten back. We have four children to support that depends on us. I am a full time student, so that means the responsibility falls on my husband to make ends meet for his family. He's trying, I see it daily, I see the frustration, I see the defeat. I just ask that you lift us up in our prayers for stability because I'm not sure how much longer we can hold on. Thank you!
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Praise Report
posted by: on 6/30/2016

I am totally healed by the power of God. I received my complete healing. Amen!! Thanks for the prayers.
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Prayer Request: for Eric's miracle of salvation
posted by: on 6/29/2016

Prayer Request: Please pray for Eric McDonald;he needs your prayers.Please pray for his salvation. Pray God to open his eyes to Jesus Christ and his Gospel…Pray God to open his eyes to see God’s will for him… Pray God to heal and renew his heart-Pray God’s Love will flow from the top of his head down to his feet. Eric needs Jesus;he needs to know the grace ,mercy, and love of God through Jesus Christ.... Eric needs a life transformation experience with Jesus.He needs to have his life transformed by the power of The Holy Ghost… Thank You, Alfred Brown
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posted by: on 6/16/2016

please pray for my sister, she needs to have surgery.
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posted by: on 5/13/2016

Jean, Kathy H's mother received a clean bill of health with test results showing no reoccurrence of cancer!! Thank you Father and for your prayers.
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posted by: on 5/13/2016

I am about to start an abuse class in prison. Please pray for the right combination of women attendees, receptive hearts and minds and the courage for the women as revisit most painful events in their lives. And please pray for me, that I will be a yielded vessel with a discerning, sensitive heart. And that I will have God's wisdom throughout the weeks ahead. Kathy H.
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Prayer request
posted by: on 4/21/2016

Jean, Kathy H's mom is having some medical tests done today. Please pray for safety, peace and good report. Thank you!
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Prayer Request
posted by: on 4/10/2015

1..Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for over 5 months and can't get rid of them without GOD.Bed bugs suck your blood when your sleeping and take away your peace of mind.When you think you might have gotten rid of them ,they return.In JESUS Name Pray GOD removes all bed bugs from the house i live in and they never return.Pray no bed bug from my house ends up in anyone else s house...2... I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
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posted by: on 2/23/2014

pls pray healing teethfrom surgery have no family eye hair loss muscles no car friends funds $1,000 disability. im discouuraged would like continued prayer dr cant do and i dont have funds for dental meds destroyed them need miracle only way for help thank you
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posted by: on 1/12/2014

Dear in Christ, In recent years my family has been under frequent attacks with numerous health issues. My prayers are that Lord will „send His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.” (Ps. 107) Then that Lord will send them to proclaim the Word to save, deliver others. Please stand with me in agreement of faith. The names are: Barbara, Aneta, Pavel, Natalia, Kuba. I am US citizen, my family is in Poland. May Lord bless you and yours, Ted Tomal
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